Why is it tht everytime i do or say soemthing, i always upset someome…. i dnt mean to.. honest.. but whether its tripping over my feet, lauhging too much or too hard, and everything likebtht… i try and be outgoing.. it makes me look so stupid so i just get quiet.. thts y i dnt talk..at skool i sort of just keep quiet..but im approachable.. i fsomeone were to come up to me to start a convo, ill talk.. i like talking to people.. especially people like u guys.. people who understandd.. alot of people think im weird cuz i dnt speak.. but wen i do speak they think im strange anyways… either way. I just.. dnt really know…. i like talking to differen tpeople.. not alot of kids from skool though.. but i think tht sy im more outgoing not at skool.