Resisting self injury is hard.. that’s something i have no power of..self control. Theres this thing i relate myself to is rock climbing.. her eim at the bottom… and i want to get to the top.. to feel free and to se eth egorgeous vewi.. problem is… during my hike iup, i keep falling down.. which is when i SI.. sometimes i cant even get myself to get up which is when i start having th ethoughts of giving up.. everyone tells me that im crazy for trying to climb tht huge mountain.
Tht im stupid or watever for trying…. i keep trying and trying.. but everytime i try.. i fall even harder the next time… the wounds happen everytime.. everyone tells me tht ill never make it to the top… im not sure wats in me tht keeps me trying… i wnt give up.. im not sure why
… but i got it this far… so hopefully ill try and try and keep up tht faith so tht ill live intil im at least 20..
I think thts wat were all goong through.. each one of us is climbing a different mountain.. different reasons as to WHY we wnt give up.. what’s YOUR reason?