Thanks so much. I trully mean it.bnobone really cares about it. The people that do no about my SI (vrery few people know.. close friends, parents), they call me goth or emo. I do wea rblack and i do enjoy that culture. But pleease believe me when i say this..o am not SI for attention. I don’t want pity. I really have these emotions and this is very strong and real. Its frustrateing because my close friends and mu parents wan tto know whaat’s wrong an dhow i feel. When i tell them, they yell at me for it. They call mebcrazy and threatn eto send me to a hospital. They say im a walking mentalward.. their comments, also bullying, makes me actually believe wat they tell me… everyone says to ignore it.
Ive heard a thousnd times.. but how can i ignore the comments of being useless and all tht. I figured tht i cud do somethin glike communixat eto people tht wud care, or tht i can relate heart to heart with no matter wat “brand” people or urself label u. I thank u. And i like hugs. Lolz