Study Title:   Trauma and Coping in Young Adults

This study is being conducted by Ms Lisa Hallab, a PhD Candidate from the School of Psychology at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). This study forms the basis of her doctoral research, under the supervision of Dr Tanya Covic (UWS) and Dr Mairwen Jones (University of Sydney).

Ethics Approval:
This project was approved by the University of Western Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee on
16th May 2011, protocol number H8983. Please contact the UWS Human Ethics Officer on 02 4736 0883
if you require further information.

Study Aims:
The purpose of this study is to examine how past traumatic experiences impact on young adults in terms of their posttraumatic stress, coping behaviours including self harm, and their emotion regulation skills.

Recruitment for Study:
Participants are sought who meet the following inclusion criteria:
– Men  and women
– Aged 18 to 30
– History of trauma (directly or indirectly experienced or witnessed)
– Currently receiving mental health treatment

Participation will involve completion of an online questionnaire measuring: trauma history, posttraumatic symptoms, coping, self harm history, affect regulation, and help seeking, as well as screening for mental health disorders and BPD (30 to 45 minutes).
Please contact the researcher if you would like further information:
Ms Lisa Hallab (PhD Candidate)
Ph: 02 9772 6801 or 0416 145 526