I have a problem with depression and anxiety, their is a lot of my past that haunts me every day i just cant seem to forget about all the horrible things that happend. And i still have so many problems.  Which has caused me to self harming myself. I was in the hospital a few days ago for injuring, my parents know ive been hurting myself but it told them i stopped but i really didnt. The other night i couldnt get it under control and my parents found out. I want to get better so bad but i dont know if i ever will ive been depressed for around 4 years. ive tried therapy, medication and nothing seems to work. I just wanna be happy!!! The urge to self harm myself are really bad right now. My head is going crazy. i dont know what to do. if i self harm i will get put in the pshyward and i dont wanna go there again i hate it there! But if i dont hurt myself im gunna go crazy all night thinking about it. i just wish someone who understands what im going threw could help me threw these urges to self harm.