My girlfriend and I just got into a fight. She put me down and I called her out on it and that makes me “too sensitive”. I’m irritated. My first thought was to injure. My second thought was “no,calm down”. I didn’t hurt myself. I still kind of want to though =/ I’m so angry lately. To the point of violence at times. This is so unlike me. I talked about it with my therapist. She said in a longer version, that there are feelings and I’m not letting out and they are building up…something like that. Work was so stressful today. My boss has impossible expectations of me. She has handed me close to all her responsibilites. Today it was to lift and carry about 50+ boxes full of product back and forth and up and down and organize and make all these boxes fit where there is no space. I got overwhelmed. I cried about it to another manager, I’m so embarressed. I don’t know this person and she was trying to help me but I just got so overwhelmed. Since I got out of treatment I feel easily overwhelmed and easily upset. I have a feeling it’s because I was almost always taking pills and I’m learning to feel all over again. Maybe for the first time. I’m just not having a good night, not having a good day, not having a good week. I just want to block everything and everyone out and quit and give in to the unhealthy thoughts that are tugging at my mind. I’m sad, lonely, and hopeless tonight.