My partner just told me that I am always either being mean to her or am angry with her. I did not realize that this was going on, but it hurt a lot.

My form of SI is not injuring anymore. I lost that urge only last year (though I did give it a try a few weeks ago). But now, when triggered, I abuse my medication with alcohol. It’s a deadly combination, but I’ve learned to manage it. I don’t like it though. It makes me feel less of myself. Especially because I have a 10 month old son across the hall. I don’t do it often, but once a month is once too many.

My Partner injures and abuses drugs at times. I would like to leave, but I am afraid of hurting her and being alone. More worried about the former than the latter. I have pretty much shut down and can feel myself slipping.

I need help!!! I’m usually optimistic on the outside, but I miss the joy I had on the inside. How can I connect with those around and get a life outside of my girlfirend. I would like to have other friends and there are many opportunities to make some. I would just like to get past the acquaintance phase.