Julia, 17. Been through a variety af abuse and bullying. Eating disorder since 11. Self harm since 13. Both to present but no one knows I’m still doing these things. They believe by my false smile that I’m doing well now. I want to try to self help so that they never have to find out. I want to help other people who go through this. I don’t want to be a councelor because I don’t always believe that councelors care. To me it’s the job that they chose and they need to keep talking to me. Whether or not they want to I’ll never really know. Anyway, I don’t know if I can do it! I try and try and try. I’ve gone up to six days and then I self harmed again. Everytime I relapse, if it can even be called that after such short ‘clean’ period, I end up right back where I started. This things got me beat and I’m starting to think I just shouldn’t try any more. I can’t do it!