it’s getting worse… me being depressed, me wanting to SI. i can’t do it anymore… :/ should i get off all social networking sites for a while? it’s basically the main reason why i’m so depressed and why i started SI-ing in the first place. but it’s so hard, i have friends on there that i can’t talk to any other way and i want to talk to them. should i do it? i want to but i don’t. it’s better for me… i guess. i never know what to do anymore! either it’s wrong or i’m not sure of it. and now my closest friend ever isn’t talking to me and i have no reason why. she won’t hug me, or anything.. all she does is wanna give me attitude. honestly, i don’t know what i did. i don’t need this now in my life.. i really don’t. can someone please help me? tell me what i should do… because if i don’t get advice from someone else soon i’m afraid i’ll go back to Self-Injuring.. and isn’t that something all of us fears? the ones that got away from SI-ing but still get urges? basically, all i’m asking for is help. life is hard for me now… a lot hard.