i’ve thought about Self-Injuring the whole day,the reason being is because i feel so alone. i know, it’s a bad reason and i should just get over it. no one understands though, how hard it is to see everyone with someone so happy and you, just there, alone. when i talk to other people they’re so happy and everything because they have someone to call their own. i mean, i don’t even have a crush on anyone. i kind of want to just find someone and force myself to like them because i’ve kind of about had it. going on the Internet almost never helps, all i do is go on social networking websites and see more happy people in relationships that i know i’ll never have until forever. i don’t even care if it’s a new friend anymore, i just want someone to talk to and have them understand me and not judge me because i SI or anything. i just don’t like this feeling of being alone, especially when i have low self-esteem. it eats away at me.. every second, of everyday. i get the urge to SI, it’s so strong, i start looking for something to just SI, but then i stop. afterwards i’m happy i didn’t do it but sad i didn’t at the same time. sometimes i just feel like crying until i can’t stop anymore.. but for some reason, i can’t. i want to cry, i want to let it all out. i just really don’t have anyone to talk to about this stuff and i hate it. so, please.. try and comment? just some advice..?