I just got out of the hospital and I feel hopeful for the first time. I had to find other ways of coping while I was there, and they actually worked. I turned to my peers and talked about my fears and depression. I wrote in my journal. I allowed myself to feel my feelings without judgement. It took a lot of reassuring self-talk to be okay with feeling negative feelings, but I was able to do it. I never believed all the talk about having control over self-injury or being able to choose alternatives to injuring. But it’s really true. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong. The pull to injure is strong and persistent, but it isn’t the only option. Be brave enough to try another coping skill. Maybe you don’t always choose another way to cope every time right away, but every time you choose a healthy coping skill is one more step toward a healthier life. Every little bit helps and every little bit counts as progress. Don’t give up! We can overcome self-injury.