I haven’t injured in six months but now the urge is coming back. I mean I knew I would probably want to again but I thought I could be stronger than this. Everything is a mess. My boyfriend of six months has been making me want to cry almost everyday. He says that I expect too much and I’m too selfish. Is it too selfish to want you to hang out with me? Is it too selfish for me to want to mean something in your life? Is it too selfish that I want you to actually care about me? No I don’t think so at all. His friends always come first. He maybe hangs out with me once a week for about a hour. That’s fine for him it doesn’t matter. He lied to me recently too. We had planned to hang out on our sixth month anniversary then he said he had to drop me off at eight. I knew that was early for him so I asked why and he said he had plans with his friends. At that point he saw me more than a week ago for a hour. So I got upset and he turned it on me and some how I said sorry. Then he dropped me off at eight and said he wasn’t going out with them because he didn’t feel good and said maybe he will come back and get me. I texted him and he told me he was staying in. Then this wednesday he was over and he was sleeping and I went through his phone. I come to find out he did go out with them that night. I accused him of lying when he got up and he just said he forgot to tell me which I think is a lie. Then he asked me to go to a football game to meet his friends. But I had to go with my friends to see him there because I couldn’t go with him. Then I called him and told him I was coming and he left. He was supposed to go to a party but he didn’t until 2 hours after the game. Now tonight he is saying we are too different and he might break up with me again. All I can say is really. He puts me through so much that I want to injure myself and that I started having food issues again and he wants to break up with me? I do everything and anything to make him happy but I guess that isn’t enough. I’ll never be enough for him. I don’t matter to him and he doesn’t care for me. All my friends tell me that he treats me wrong and they ask why I stay with him. I say because I love him but sometimes he makes me question that too. This all makes me feel horrible and makes me want to injure so bad. I’m crying so hard while typing this I can barely see the screen. Please somebody help me. Everything is just way too much.