i’ve gone 3 months and 1 day without Self Injuring! you don’t understand how proud i am of myself. i told two of my friends and my bestfriend. they’re proud of me too. i love not Self Injuring. i still get urges but not frequently. i mean once a week, twice at most. before it was almost every day. i get them basically because i always thing of my flaws and i make myself depressed. i don’t like doing it but i do..anyone understand? i mean, i just wanna be happy but when i try to be i bring MYSELF down. which i know i shouldn’t do but i really can’t help it, when i do it part of me actually feels good. i like the feeling and i like knowing that i’m sad. i just, i never really have anyone to talk to me but my bestfriend and it helps a little bit but it’d be nice sometimes when i get those big urges to have an adult figure to talk to..