Its morning, and it must be the weekend because my brother and sister are playing. Everything is happening as normal… laying down with mom, playing, and fighting with them. Then he gets home… nothing is ever good enough for him. He doesn’t like something I’ve  done…now hes chasing me, and as we are going through the living room, you open the door and come in… you say you are there to get me and take me away from here. Me and you go somewhere safe and you just hold me, I can feel the warmth from your hug and I know its love… But then i get cold and i open my eyes to find that your not there , it was just a dream… I get up and close my window and think to myself … How could this be a dream? I could have sworn I could feel you holding me, loving… but but then I think… that was not reality, so why did it have to be me.