I need to stop procrastinating.  I knew I had all this homework due next week.  BUt I waitned until today to do it all.  Now IM stressed out.  IM bored.  I Dont want to attempt this.  I just want to be lazy and not do anything.  I already skipped school today.  I hate myself for being like this.  For doing this.  I cant make myself go to school on a regualr basis.  I get tired. I get bored.  I know its pointless because the teacher will stand there, talk and I wont listen to any of it.  Ill be distracted and drawing or on my phone.  I try not to do this but I always end up being the person who never shows up.   I want to si. I woke up wanting to si.  I know I shouldnt.  I just dont know how long Ill hold off today.  Its just what I wanted to do.  I woke up and thought, oh I want to si today.  I hope I can hold off.  I hope I can keep busy with enough school work to be ok without it.  Considering ive been at work since ten and have only only one assignment i feel like im failing at my task.  But Idk.  Im being lazy and I  hate myself for it.  But no si yet. hopefully the night will go on better than the day as so far.