Well i havnt sied in a few days.  Well…since yesterday I guess.  But today was really good…on the bright side.  I bough a new E-reader…for no apparent reason but it was on sale and I could afford it this week.  Now I have second thoughts on if I really need it or not, but I figure, i havnt been eating out to save money, so this can be a reward for it.  I think i would feel better if I hadnt sied…or the fact that I bought it and had an urge to si.  I dont understand it.  It was something I had kind of wanted, i even left the middle of work ( i have the best boss ever) and went and got it.  Now its charging and looking at it makes me happy.  But then thinking of the money I spent on it makes me want to si.  But at the same time. Im saving so much money on not eating out that I shouldnt feel this way! I should feel ok for spending money on MYSELF, rather than my fatness.  Idk… Either way, Im not going to si today because my urge is stupid.  I even think its ridiculous that I want to si over this.  So im going to put on my best fake smile and make it the rest of the day