All I want to do is to stop self harming. Everyday is a struggle for me.  I am 18 now.. it’s been 5 years since I begun to self harm. My family hated me because of it. They sent me to one hospital to the other. It seemed to help for a little while then I end up relapsing back into self harming again. I am on different kinds of medication trying to fix this problem I have. I know I have this problem.. I hate it but somehow I can not stop. It’s addicting, I could be having a bad day then I self harm, then it seems all my problems go away.. I tried other methods it just doesn’t seem to really help. I know self harming isn’t fixing or making my problems go away at all.. it just makes me feel better.. calmer.. maybe sometimes even happier.. I know I have a problem.. and I need help.. I just don’t know what to do.