This morning, my son, who very recently turned 7, and I walked to school to turn in his school supplies.  His first day of school is tomorrow. He told me on the way there he was very nervous about seeing his friends since he had been away for the summer.   On the way home, he showed me he’d injured himself.  I gasped because I had heard of injuring and knew he was instinctively doing this to stop his anxiety about going back to school. I spoke with him about it and he confessed it was not the first time he has resorted to this behavior when upset or emotionally overwhelmed.  He just turned 7  so I was a little shocked he was starting this behavior but also know where it will lead if left unchecked. He’s too young understand and I am not sure how to proceed with help. I don’t want to make too much of a fuss and make this a major issue in his life but I also know he has to learn the proper coping skills so this behavior does not continue.  All the advice and posts I have read deal with teenagers and adults.  Any ideas for such a little one?