lately i’ve been getting an urge to SI. i ignore it but it comes back. it always comes back stronger and im scared that one day i’ll give in. my parents and sister found out that i SI and they never got me help. they never knew that it was this serious,that i would get urges and that i might do it again. they always check me but you can injure in so many other places. that last time i injured was almost 2 months ago. i don’t want to self injure again but it might get to the point where it’s gonna be the only thing i can turn to for help. i don’t want to keep living this way..always feeling like i might SI when i get the chance because i don’t wanna do it anymore,i really don’t. i want to be a normal 14 year old girl. i don’t want to worry about people finding out i SI. i don’t want that urge anymore.