well i almost did it, all scars gone all thoughts clear. then my dad had to come in yelling screaming talkin down to me for no reason, sends me to my room alone, and for the first time in a while those thoughts come back to test me once again. i was sitting in my bed, tool near by, ready, then i hear the front door open. i remember that my friend was coming over, so i get up to hide my tool and hurry back into bed to try and dry my eyes before she comes in. But when she comes in she sees that look of distress in my eyes, she comes up to me, sets her bag down, and sits right beside me and simply asked, “what happened?” At that moment i felt like i could talk to her, so i let it out, of course i didnt tell her about the si-ing, but i told hereverything i was crying about, how i felt so alone and helpless, and she just sat there and listened, saying a few words every little bit to help. but she saved me. She will probably never know but she saved my life, because after that argument all thoughs old feeling came back at once, and they took over, i was gonna give up that night forever, if she wouldnt have showed up, i wouldnt have been able to sign on tonight to tell this story. I owe this friend my life, cause she saved mine just by listening, and she doesnt even know what she did. It’s offical she must really care about me, and i know if she does GOD does too, cause i believe he set her in my path cause he knew how much i’d need her, and what it would mean for me. in this case life or death. so it really was to close for comfort, and i really was saved by the love of a friend. <3