im new at my school. my first day, and i already have made lots of new friends. i have less to be sad about. except for one tiny thing. my parents are thinking about getting divorced. just when things were getting a little better. i SI today.
i stayed at my aunt’s house last week. i hate her. honestly i do. nothing i do is ever right for her. she keeps reminding me of everything ive ever done wrong. she tells me i’m an embarrassment to my family, and that she is sure my parents are ashamed of me. she always has something about me to make fun of. it is so hard to try and make a new start when you have someone so close to you reminding you of your flaws every second of the day. my mom is leaving for a whole month to europe to get away from my dad. my dad works too much so hes never around. my sisters get to stay with friends. guess who im staying with? i dont think i can bare a whole month with her….what should i do?