So my sister and i used to be best friends, like close as can be. We were inseperable and we always had each others back on everything. Ever since she graduated from high school, which has only been two years, she has completely distanced herself from everyone. She has this boyfriend now that got her pregnant and they are inseperable. i finally took her out to lunch the other day to try to get her alone to try and talk to her, i thought itd be fun like it used to be….wow was i wrong. she vented to me and told me stories shes already told like a million times and then some that i would have preffered to never know, but i just listened because i thought thats what she needed.Then she goes on telling me some crazy stuff shes done and all shes been through and im just like “come home. everything will be ok if you just come home”..she can barely afford her appartment, they are going on food stamps and all the welfare they can get to scrape by, she gets herself into certain situations that scare me but shes too stuborn to come home. she talked me into giving her money for the rent she couldnt pay so i gave it to her but in reality im almost positive its just going straight to her boyfriend for drugs. i wish i could get her boyfriend alone and away from her for just a little and tell him how i really feel but that would only drive my sister away and i would never be able to see my soon to be nephew either. what do i do just sit back and watch her ruin her life or end it? should i say something to him with the possibility of driving her away for good? seriously i need some huge advice cause im really stuck right now and im so afraid im gonna lose her.