I just got back from visiting family that I usually get to see only once a year and so now I’m back at home and it stinks. I get so attached to everybody in the week of spending time together so when I get home I’m completely miserable. While I was staying with my family, one of my cousins who is like my best friend found out that I SI. And now I’m so afraid of what’s going to happen, everytime someone finds out something goes wrong. I know he promised not to say anything to anyone about it but I’m still worried that even if he doesn’t talk to other people about it, that he’ll quit talking to me because of it. I hate how I can’t quit SI and it just manages to slip in to everything. After two years of it, I’d have thought I’d perfected the act of being ok and hiding it … but I guess not. So now he knows and it seems like he can’t talk to me about anything else, he just worries over me SI’ing. And to top it off his parents are getting a divorce right before his birthday and he’s handling that better than me. It’s like I can’t help but feel bad about everything so when he realized his parents were divorcing I was the one crying, he was just upset a bit. Everything seems to be just falling apart around me and I don’t know what to do. There’s people I could try talking to about it but … I just feel bad about talking to them about stuff because I feel like I’m just bothering them. Summer is just so stressful for me and I feel like I’m stressing people out too. I don’t mean to stress my family but I do … I guess I’m just a lousy person.