i couldnt never have gone through so much hurt and anger in mi life…i love mi family i love mi son and mi husband but ever since i was a child ive always got hurt ether by mi sister or sum1 else but then 9th grade came and i was forced into a relationship on the same day that me and my boyfriend had broke up in sept. then in oct. the guy i was forced 2 date i stayed w bc i didnt want ppl to h8 me 4 not bein w him and he ended up abusing me bc i didnt want 2 have sex w him and i ended up injuring or not being mi self after that. but then in november on the 11th i was raped bc i never gave in 2 him. ever since then i had hurt mi self.and things got better wen i finally stood up and broke up w him and a few months l8r i started dating a guy named david who is now mi husband and everything was going great then i had mi son and after a few months mi dad died mi mom didnt want me or mi son living w her and then mi husbands parents started hating me then i was always bein made fun of bc i wasnt eatting that much and not rlly caring bout me…and i dont look good in a bathing suit. started hating mi bodythen just to make everything worse all mi food staps and cash benifits got closed.we have no income i have over 6 thousand dollars worth of medical bills all bc of a miscarriage and d and c that i had done then as of today trying 2 put a bathing suit on i lost it…everything that ppl had said 2 me and everything that had happend in mi past got me in the face and i injured bc i could never be so mad at mi body and  everything that i went through always felt like it was mi fault…i wanna stop hurtting mi self bc of mi son. i just feel like its impossible bc mi life is so hard.