I wish I was able to start my life all over again. Like a refund! Give this one, and get another one! An awesome ONE!!!
One where I won’t make friends with a guy I thought I could trust and then end up being shattered, broken and addicted to self injuring because of what he did to me.
One where I won’t tell lies to my friends, and instead ask them directly to help me instead of saying that someone else asked them to help me.
One when I never picked up a ‘tool’ for the first time.
One where I can smile without it being a fake one.. a mask..
Does that make sense? Am I making sense?
I just want my old life back.. rewind 4 years, where everyone I loved was still with me on earth instead of heaven….. where I could have fun with friends without any worries or ever feeling sad and lonely… I wish I could rewind a year so that my friendships would never have changed. A year ago, I just should have stayed quiet instead of telling them my sad story…. I should have held it my secret..
But I can’t change time, and I can’t get a refund of y life, so I’ll just have to make the best of this one, and hope that everything will someday turn remotely to normal.. the way it used to be… and when I’ll never need my ‘tool’ again… I can’t wait for that day!!! I pray to God that He’ll keep me strong during this time, because I know He’ll do it, because in His eyes.. I’m a princess, not a broken little girl! :’)