I’m trapped. stuck in the same rythem. i’m addicted,  something happens and i fight it, fight the urge. and ussally lose. i cant help it. i si and im fine for awhile but like an addiction i wait awhile and it comes back, so tempting, so intising, and i give in. im fine as long as i have those marks but as soon as they heal i have to do it again, its like i cant go on unless i can look and see them. that and i cant tell a soul siblings wouldnt get it plus they got their own lives to worry about it, parents think im the perfectt daughter with no problems… yea right., friends please, they never listen they’re to caught up in their own lives if we do talk it just to tell me how horrible their lives are like “their mom said they couldnt go to the park yesterday so they cried all night” and i sit there and listen like the good friend i should be, even if they dont know the truth and thats just when they accually want to talk to me. i just know im stuck with no way out no way to turn eccept si its always there. i dont want to but what else do i have? i need someone to rely on and trust without judgement. im only 14 i dont want to have to rely on si forever but for now thats all i have…. i’m trapped.