Yesterday I was 5 weeks SI free and I was so proud of myself!!!!!! 5 WEEKS, is such a long time for me!!!!! In my head I was saying, “I’m done with self injuring! I finely don’t need it anymore!
Yesterday I felt really depressed, and the urge to SI was so HUGE! But I said no to the urge and kept myself busy.
but today…….. I lost it… I didn’t get into the university, I got my exam results back and all my marks dropped (some dropped with 25%) and overall I had a bad day… so I lost myself and I SI’d….. I’m so disappointed!!
To make things worse, this afternoon when I got home, my mom said that my marks really aren’t that bad. instead of A+ I now have a B for most of my subjects and she informed me that I got into a really good collage!
So, I SI’d for nothing!!!! I’m so angry at myself and feel even more depressed..