Im doing ok today. I was ok  yesterday.  Im just frustrated. Thats all. I dont know how to tell anyone how frustrated I am. I told my mom my cousin was bugging me today and she made excuses for him.  Im like really? You cant just say “thats ok it happens”? you couldnt just say “dont worry i know how you feel”?  she just tells me I need to deal.  Thanks mom, thats what I get for opening up to you.  And on top of that I told my bff if he thought I was weird that I sied.  He said “people have a preconceived idea about siers”  umm… thats not what I asked! Give me a stragith forward answer!!!!! Dont blow smoke to make it look like you care.  I realized I have no one.  No one I can talk to.. but here…. and you guys.  I know I dont know anyone on her personally but I really feel like I have some “friends” here.  People I know i can trust.. and feel safe around… and on top of it all relate to.

One day strong, lets make it two.  Thanks Friends. <3