So I recently became a big fan of this one Song…kind cheesy ’cause I feel like I’m too old for it but oh well It stuck a chord given my current life drama I guess you could call it. So many of my friends have been going through so much as well as myself. Lots of changes have been going on. It’s been a lot to go through and get used to. Most of all…I’m not sure how to explain it. I had I think my final argument with the person I gave my whole heart to, and It freed me somehow. We fought hard and that was it. I was hurt and upset…and cried to 2 of my best friends….and that was it. Kinda. I don’t know for sure if we’ll never talk again. But it helped. Weird. And I didn’t even have the desire to SI. I’m also concerned though. Because I know and understand how I operate. I’m worried that once all this drama and and craziness settles down I’ll get those urges again…that maybe all this is a welcome distraction, and once it all fully sinks in I’ll just fall hopelessly backwards. I really don’t know.