Hey everyone,

This is my first post, but I really hope it’s not my last. S.A.F.E sounds like a truly awesome organization.

I come from a different perspective then most. I am older then many who publicly talk about self-injury – I am 23. I am entering my last years of graduate school, and I will soon have my Masters degree in Public Affairs. I was originally going to college to get into politics, but events in college made me reconsider that.

During my Sophomore and Junior Years  of college, I hit “the wall”, so to speak. I was never the happiest of kids – I remember skipping middle and high school because I “just wasn’t feeling well”, but it wasn’t until college that I realized, all that time, I was depressed.

Between Sophomore and Junior year, I began to SI. I also attempted suicide once – luckily, I wasn’t smart enough to know exactly how to do it. It was during that time I was diagnosed with manic depression – a form of bipolar disorder which makes you go from being completely happy to completely miserable within seconds.  At that same time, a friend of a friend, and someone I had interaction with but, unfortunately, wasn’t that close to, committed suicide.

So, now, I no longer want to get into politics, but rather, into awareness of these issues and prevention of suicide. It’s not nearly as glamour or monetarily rewarding, but it definitely will be much more fulfilling to actually help people.

I haven’t SI’d in two and a half years, but the few scars that do remain are a reminder of where I’ve been, and what I still have to do. The darkest time of my life will, hopefully, lead to the most fulfilling job on the planet.