How could I have let one person have such an effect on me.
Everything he does condemns me
I cant sleep for weeks at a time
Why should I care when I mean nothing but a dime.
He tells me I love you
That his words are true
he turn around see her then its a forgot you
it hurt like a wound
He reminds me of my past constantly
as if it were a homemade movie
I made mistakes I get it OK
I learn from them and I’m on my way.
You laugh your head off to the pain I feel daily
While I sit at home, and let you make me think I’m nothing…barely.
I don’t deserve this manipulative thought in my head.
The stupid comments and rumors you spread.
The immaturity and grudges you have within
That’s your own problem and it wont be my end.
I was stupid and careless to think you would be someone good in my life.
God has a better plan for me than I did for myself
This is the last time post something with self doubt.