I want to prove my friend wrong:  he wouldn’t have been better off if he hadn’t met me.

I want to prove my brother wrong;  I’m NOT lazy.

I want to prove my mother wrong:  I AM beautiful, despite the number the shows up when I step on the scale.

I want to prove myself wrong: I am NOT worthless!

I want to prove the devil wrong: I CAN beat self injury! It has no power over me that my God in heaven can’t beat. I just have to trust in Him.

I’m coming to realize that this will be a struggle for the rest of my life. Self injury is an addiction. I have to be realistic and stop thinking that this is just going to “go away” and that I’ll be able to forget about it. I won’t be able to. But I can trust in God to help me through it each and every day. And that’s what I want to do.  It will be hard because I always tend to want control back. That’s a big factor of self injury, isn’t it? Being in control to what happens to ourselves? At least for me it is. But I have to give up control to the One who loves me more than I could ever fathom.

I choose to give up control right now to God.

my email is visiblyperfectinvisiblyscarred@gmail.com if anyone is confused about what I’m saying about God. 🙂