Is the such a thing as Amnesia Pills,
To get healthier even when its been proven your fatally ill?
Is it possible to forgive and forget,
Or to be happy even your in love with your best friend?
Is it possible to no be affected by things,
To not listen to the rumors ones has spread?
Is it possible that one day man will see us all as equals,
To sit down and talk like civilized people?
Is it possible that He will forgive my sins and crimes,
Just like I have forgiven those who have wasted my time?
Will I one day be able to reach my dreams and goals,
or is it another of my dad’s April fools joke?
Is it possible to forget the past,
Or does it follow us as if it was its number one task?
Will I wake up to see the moon rise and set,
Or is today my last chance to say what I meant?