I began S.Iing myself in the sixth grade. I never truly understood why. All I knew was that every time I did, it felt good. As the years went by, Many changes in life led me to believe that I was alone in the world. I never quite understood why. I always had people thre to tell that things would be alright that they would help me through it,yet it never felt like they were there at all. I knew that they had no idea about what I was suffering. I knew that there was no way of telling them to get lost. I knew they had the best interest at heart but they did not help at all. In the end I always found S.Iing my self a comfort and a way of coping. I know that its wrong but I find no other way of coping with all my anger and pain other than S.Iing myself. So how else do i cope with my feeling alone?