“Of all the animals in the world, man is the cruelest. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.”
-Mark Twain.

When I was little, I never fully understood the words this man spoke.  The day I gave trust to him, and to her I made Mark Twain speak the truth.  I should have listen to the people that truly cared about me. The day I got the message saying ” I don’t love you anymore” tore my heart and the understanding of life. How can life be so cruel as to let me believe the fraud he let me believe. To make me think that I was once love. Was I ever loved? Was it all a lie? He knew the skeletons I kept in my closet…he then used them against me. He knew the dangerous spiral of depression. I think about that day constantly. I think about how hard it is to move on. How do you move on when you once gave everything to that person. I wish I could lie to myself and actually believe that I am strong enough to move on, but is that even possible? I guess it the painful insecurity I need to have to just live with.