i dont know whats wrong with me. i feel sick. i feel weak. i feel stupid. idk why. im tired. i need a break. but idk how to take a break. what is a break? i want to be home alone for a day. i need to be alone with mysel and my thoughts. unfortunatly that never happens. my cousins living with us now and he keeps making coments about my eating habits lhow bad they are? and my work out ethic (how i dont work out enough.  as if i wasnt insecure enough. we came out with my parents and its eleven pm and im tired cuz ive been out and about since seven this morning. but my mom says moh you just want to go home cuz were having more fun than you. really? sorry i had a long day. sorry i decided to relax on my day off. too bad i didnt even get to. i was surrounded by my dad and cousin all day. i want to si. i feel sick. i hate how i feel. i want to curl uup in bed, cry and stay there. a girl can dream right?