I am a mom of a SIer. I love her very much and have done all I can do to help. We have had a very rocky year. We moved from one state to another to help her graduate high school but 6 weeks before graduating  she dropped out. We were living with family members who had very little tolerance with what she was going through and could not handle the fact that she SI. We had to move back to the state we came from 3 months ago. We have gone to counciling, she did not want it. She was even in a outpatient program for 3 days in the other state. She said it really didnt do much for her.  We are very close. I know why she is doing this but she does not want help for it. Last week,  She left and moved back to the state we were in to be wth a guy. We stay very much in contact and I wish I coul get her to work on the things that pain her. I know I can not fix her. Can anyone give me some feed back?