i finished reading a book the other day. i didnt mention it would be about si. well the sister self injures. im not saying i wouldnt read the book if ii knew earlier. but it got me really mad. i hate that it makes her look so needy. it made her look soo…idk blah. she made me mad. she made me hate myself that i si. there was actually a line that says ‘i sied so you would notice me more han willow.’ idk why this made me mad. it just showed siers as such weak people. it made up look needy and idk…dumb? thats not the rght word. the book made siers look like the typical sterotype and thats not who i am. or we for the most part.

ive been having issues with food. i want to talk to my best friend. but shes pregnant and i dont want to stress her out more. food has become my worst enemy.  i cant kkeep doing this. but i cant not. i feel disgusting after every meal. idk. im falling apart with a smile plastered in place.