Im the girl who gets the best grades. The one who is a perfectionist, and always goes the extra mile to get things done. the one who is always smiling and happy. Truth is, I havnt actually smiled a genuine smile in over 2 months. The presure to be perfect is killing me. My family expects nothing shy of the best from me. I cant handle it. Im not skinny. I have eating issues. Somebody at school noticed. But when i was called into the guidance counslers office, i denied everything. She called my mom. I still denied it all. Iv started to be more discreat about my dieting. People ask me why i wear so many bracelets. But nobody ever asks for me to show them what Im hiding under them. I injure myself. It makes me feel like im paying myself back for not being perfect. It makes me feel good. But i dont want anybody to find out. Because if they do, i may not seem as perfect anymore. I dont know what to do.