I have been feeling pretty low lately and yesterday, I fell apart.

I was talking to a guy whom I don’t know all that well, but what I did know was that we share the same addiction, self injury. It was hot as heck outside and he wanted to change his shirt, so he did. He claimed that he was glad that I didn’t see him and I asked why. He told me that he had scars. A girl, whom I don’t like that much at all, asked him to show us his scars. He showed us. Not all of them were scars, they were recent. I shut down immediately, but I still had the guts to ask him how. He told me and I confessed too. I confessed something that only one other person knows and I spoke it so openly. A wave of emotions and terrible memories haunted me almost instantaneously and I started to cry. I was soooo embarrassed about the whole situation.