why?? Can anybody just tell me…… WHY ME?????!!!!
Why me? Why do i have to be the different one? Why do i have to be the one that’s ALWAYS FINE, ALWAYS STRONG??? I don’t feel like it! Why do i have to be the one that says I’M SORRY when it’s not even my fault??
Why do i have to be the only girl in my class/friendship groupe that loves scull pictures, rock music, black clothing, black nail polish….?? Why do I have to be the odd one out? I used to love who i was. I used to love my clothing style now…… All i see is people looking at me weirdly….. I’m tired of people asking me why i’m covering myself. I don’t always cover myself because i SI!!!!! Sometimes i like wearing clothes to cover up!!!!!!
Why can’t people accept me for who i am. Why do they have to classify me as EMO????
Not a lot of people that i’m friends with know i still injure (in their case…think i injured)
Why can’t people just like me for me? But NO!! I’m the WEIRD girl.
Just because i wear black nail polish, doesn’t make me less of a christian girl!!
I didn’t turn to SI out of my own choise…. I DON’T LIKE INJURING MYSELF!!!
It’s the world……the world pushed me towards it. Forced me, and iwas tired of fighting back.
I just don’t understand….. Why the one that ALWAYS has a smile on her face…….. Why ME?