I need help. Not for myself but for my friend. I feel so helpless and lost, because she’s such a wonderful, wonderful person, but today I found out she’s injuring herself. And I, idiotically, treated it too lightly and practically laughed it off. I’m such an idiot, and I regret how I reacted so much. She tells me things sometimes at the most random moments about how suppressed she feels in class or what an evil kid she is. I feel so off-kilter when she does, because she always says these things with a cheerful smile. I frankly don’t know how to respond, partly because of surprise and partly because of my own antisocial personality that doesn’t know how to deal with people. I try to tell her how wonderful she is and throw out “i love you’s” as much as I can without it being weird or overly too much, but I don’t think it’s really helping. What should I do? What helps?