I have an eating issue my mom found out and told the world back in February. Today i ate what she cooked but then after she had me eat pizza i feel like she doesn’t understand how hard it is to change it. I’ve tried to tell her and get her to understand but all she can ever say is how crazy i am and how i belong in some mental hospital. She told my family and then my family has been asking me all the time whether i’m eating telling me how bad that it is and how crazy i am. I SIed today and i tried fighting it but i couldn’t any more. My mom started to control me and i feel like i have no control any more. My good day went back to a bad day i’m climbing this mountain of recovery and i fall back all the time. The counselor at school tells me it’s apart of recovery because to become a masterpiece it takes time. I now feel like this is impossible… how long will it take for me to just stop. I’ve been doing this for 7 years ever since 5th grade and now i’m 19 and just finished high school Friday and graduating in a few weeks. Why can’t i deal with things the way everyone else deals without SI…What’s wrong with me and why am i such a disappointment to my friend. I hate myself today. I don’t know what else there is to say.