“Like everything else just disappears no past no future no problems just the moment.” This is what alternatives and making a conscious choice can bring. Also… it’s important to remember “Life’s simple you make choices and you don’t look back.” It’s important at different times to look back on the past and see how much progress one has made. At the same time, live in the present. That’s what I tell myself everyday, to live in the present. One of my real good friends told me that she believed our experiences are meant to make us a better and stronger person. I believe that one hundred percent at the moment. If I slow my mind down and focus on the moment then I’ll be alright. Sleep is something I don’t get much of anymore, not rest anyway. I’m stalled in therapy and I’m not sure how to get around it except to maybe pick up  information processing therapy again. It helped in the past immensely. Right now it’s not safe to reach out to anyone besides my counselor and my best friend who lives over two hundred miles away. I feel better getting this out.