My senior prom is tomorrow and i’m scared and a nervous wreck. My prom has the junior class AND my senior class everyone’s gonna see my scars and i have no way of hiding now. The counselor at school told me they’re not noticeable and that i only notice them because there’s emotions to the scars. I’m freaking out because it seems obvious and i’m scared everyone’s gonna see. My dress doesn’t cover it and i thought make up might. I tried using foundation, consealer and even powder nothing works. Do i have to just face the music? I’m really scared people are gonna point and ask questions. This whole idea is making me want to SI and then now i feel like i hit the point that i did last week when i SIed where all the tension is built up and the only way to release it is by SI. Ifeel like i’m waiting till prom ends to go back to my ways.. i don’t know how i feel about it all. It’s only been a week and like 2 days since the last time. I feel like giving up i’m just tired of fighting my urges.