So i thought maybe we’d get through this year not losing anyone but it seems that God has other plans…Starting my sophmore year i lost a friend and his mom to drunk driving, my grandma to cancer and my friends mom to alchohol poisioning, then another guy from my school was murdered my junior year, then this summer one of my friends drowned, half way through the year another was killed in a car accident and now to end the year a friend finally lost his fight to cancer…I really don’t understand why god does these things. It doesnt make sense at all and i feel bad because i have been very angry with him but honestly why does he have to take all of the good people?? Alex you were an amazing guy, you always had a smile and knew how to lift people up. You fought the cancer with so much strength that i honestly thought you were going to beat it! Watch over your parents but ecspecially watch over your sister please! We’re about to graduate and prom is this week and i know she is going to be a mess so please help her pull through. Everyone at school was a mess today, and people were sharing their memories of you. You will definetly be missed but will always remain in our hearts. Rest in Peace Alex. Thanks for giving me the chance to get to know you:)