I thought I was done with this.. I guess not:'(! Why did I do it?
I injured myself.  don’t know how I can hide them for! I met up with a friend today and she said I needed to get help nut I don’t want help! I don’t know whts been wrong with me lately i’ve been so paranoid, I have major trust issues and I injure myself because it releives me from the pain. I’m such an idiot! I know I need help but I can’t face telling anyone about what i’ve done! I need help, I want help but what could they do? I’d only get more upset about whats going on! I feel like i’m doing it for attention but i’m not! i’ve been driven to do this, I need to stop it and I need to stop it now! Someone help me please?:'(! I don’t know what to do anymore.. HELP ME!!!:'(