Some times i wonder if anyone would actually care if they found out i injure.

I feel like im wearing a mask by not telling them. I want to tell them but i have no clue how. I keep trying to come up with things to do when i have an urge. I havent injured since wednesday april 4 of this year so less than a week which is nothing to be proud of…

i made it 3 weeks before.

i wanna get help and quit injuring for good.

But the feelings of hopelessness and despair and numbness come back.

i want to quit but on days like today i feel so much like injuring.

Do the urges ever go away?

I want to get help but im having trouble fathoming ways to tell ppl.

Wat happens once u tell ppl?

How do they react?

I want to tell ppl but im not sure how or wat they will say and its scares me the thought of voicing the fact that i injure aloud.

Im afraid though that if i dont tell then i will continue to injure and i wont be able to stop.

I wish i could