It’s been awhile since i last posted on here but ive felt so lost lately. People are always so excited when they talk about their future and how everythings gonna be ok but then when you get there its scarier then ive ever imagined. I made a stupid mistake a few weeks ago and it seems like since i did that everything has gone downhill, the future i had planned out is no longer reachable and i hate that feeling. My dad and i got into a huge fight today, bigger then weve ever had before and now he wont talk to me and he tells me all the time that im never going to amount to much. i want to prove him wrong but it seems with every stupid mistake i make he grows happier because he knows i will fail. In the last year the expectation for anyone in my family to go anywhere has decreased very rapidly because of bad decsions of my brother and sister have made also but i want to be that one that finally makes something of themself!! how do i do that tho when no one supports me? both my parents have given up on me and i feel terrible because i feel like its my responsibilty to give something back to them since they brought me into the world. Mom, dad, if theres any way i could show how sorry i am i would. All i want to do is make you guys proud but it seems that i will never be able to and for that i am very sorry.