here i am during school. my boyfriend isnt helping me. i feel abandoned. no one here in my life is here when i need them most and im so scared i cant do this by myself. i selfharmed because i just couldnt do it any more. i did it last night and swore id stop. but its like i need it . i do need it. to get through the day. to keep from crying in front of everyone. to keep from going crazy. to keep from killing myself… i dont know what to do. i feel traped in my own box of problems with a tool as my only friend. the only one who promises relief and comfert. my only true friend who willl always be here for me……why do i feel like this. i truly believe im going insane for reasons i dare not post on the internet. but i have too many thoughts that deem me worthy of a phyc-ward. im  a danger to myself and people around me. but i dont believe i could ever hurt anyone. not truly. im just mad. and broken. and no one will help me so i injure again for something to feel. …..